Mindful Movement
Mindful Movement

Flex in the City

Mindful Movement specialises in personalised, individually tailored yoga and pilates classes.

The classes are offered on a one to one or small group basis in the privacy of a person's home or work space. The web presence required was for obvious reasons calming and spacious.

The pages are magazine-like in layout and use chakra colours to help communicate the message of a company that has taken on that most difficult of tasks... promoting physical and spiritual calm in the city of today.

Mindful Movement Front


• a logo to represent harmony in movement.
• a simple, stylish and clean website with a calming and spacious layout.

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Leslie Parker, Director

Since I am a self employed yoga and pilates instructor, my website not only had to inform viewers about my services and explain what yoga and pilates is, but also had to represent me and what I stand for.
Thinking about developing something that would express this was daunting, scary and just a little overwhelming. I approached David with a few ideas and he and Marius made it happen. They listened to everything that I wanted, and then took all of my needs and created a website far beyond my expectations.
Throughout the process I realized that some of the things that I thought I wanted didn't work or give the right feel to the site. David and Marius were both really patient with all of my changes (even when the changes were to things that I had expressly requested in the first place!) and helped me to develop new ideas that would suit my website better. My site also involved quite a few images, some that we sourced, and some that had to be made to fit the site. As a photographer, Marius is also extremely talented. Taking a photo of me that I am happy with, let alone happy enough to show others is no small miracle!
I would highly recommend working with Creator Design. They are talented and innovative and made developing my website an amazing experience.quote
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